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Return on People

Did you know employee stress is the highest it has ever been!

And 63% of employees would be more likely to seek alternative employment if corporate travel did not resume in the future?

A company’s talent is its most valuable and reliable asset. So it needs to be treated like it,

A member of the W&F team recently worked as part of a GBTA Ladders Workgroup to build a framework into the potential ramifications on a lack of travel and face to face relations in a post-covid world.

We recommend all companies understand the Return on People framework to:

  • Ensure employees get to collaborate internally and externally face to face

  • Understand the risks of burnout to employees

  • and learn from companies like Whistle and Flute Consulting as to how to make virtual work less stressful to minimize risks.

Learn more about Return on People (ROP) by following the link below, and contact us about how Whistle and Flute can help find the best balance for your company in the future of work.

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