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Corporate Travel

Balancing cost and experience to drive the greatest returns for the business

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Understand what is hiding with lead edge consulting

Did you know:

  • In 99% of travel policies, the first rule is to book via preferred channels.

  • Between 40% and 50% of corporate travelers do not follow rule 1 when it comes to booking hotels.

Building a successful program needs to look good on paper, and needs to work in the real world.

Whistle and Flute Consulting helps bring savings, reduce costs, builds stronger supplier relationships, and improves traveler satisfaction and wellbeing.

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Areas of Expertise

Program Strategy

Even if you believe your perfect travel program is not possible today, we still want to know what it looks like.
If it is possible, we will build it. If not, we will build a program that requires just a small step in the future rather than a mad rush once we overcome the limitations.

Data led Program Assessment

Holistic program evaluations that highlight areas of strength and weaknesses across all facets of the corporate travel program, and provide what-if scenarios with impact calculations to guide recommendation discussions.

TMC Sourcing

95% of the time, travel is uneventful, but that 5% shows why you need a TMC all the time. We share insights as to what Travel Managers, and more importantly the travelers need from TMCs, and how to work with agencies to meet those requirements.

Travel Policy

Have you reviewed your corporate travel policy within the past 6 months? If not, then it is out of date. Work with us to not only make sure your policy is up to date, but understand what changes to policy could do to your bottom line.


Airlines, Hotels, M&E, Rail, Cab, Ground Transport. If it is a travel supplier, you name it, we can source it. Negotiating not only best in class rates, but building the right program mix.

Booking Channels

Great, you have spent months building on paper the best travel program, but does it is attainable on a daily basis? We find opportunities to improve OBT adoption and drive cost savings while improving experience and employee productivity.


Maximizing the benefits of OBTs, re-shop tools, and NDC is what takes a travel program from great to surprising the traveler and helping them do more.
We cut through the noise to help make that difference!

Traveler Behavior

Almost all employees have booked their own vacation, and posted pictures on social media as to how wonderful it was. They then take that learning, and assume it is the same for corporate travel, when it is not.
We put in place discrete education and gamification that helps the employee learn while increasing satisfaction and saving money.

Program Optimization

Through optimization identification of a corporate travel program you can typically spot 10-25% of annual spend in savings, but it is not all low hanging fruit.
We help build roadmaps, before undertaking them with you, to maximize opportunities to reduce costs and improve employee productivity and satisfaction.

Future of Work and Travel

We don't have a crystal ball, but we do have lots of data and what that says is the future will be different for each company.
Talk with us and we can leverage this data to help you build a travel program that works for the company and your employees to drive the best sales, innovation, team spirit, networking and productivity.

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